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there are suitable (normal) and unsuitable (harmful) living conditions for a particular person; conditions normal for one may be abnormal for another. There are still many interpretations in the interpretation of the concept of "health". Most often, when characterizing health, one of its most important components is simply the absence of disease.

The Great Medical Encyclopedia says that "health is the natural state of the body, characterized by its balance with the environment and the absence of any painful phenomena."

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According to V.A. Lishchuk, 1994; Lisitsyna YP, 1988 “Health is not only the absence of diseases or physical defects, but also the ability to fully adapt toenvironmental conditions ". In this regard, health can be defined as the harmonious unity of all kinds of metabolic processes between the body and the environment, and as a result of this, the coordinated course of various metabolic processes within the body itself, manifested in the optimal vital activity of its organs and systems.

Some authors (Kaznacheev V.P., Matrosov L.G., 1978; Alonzo, 1985; Dubos 1985), when defining the concept of "health", suggest taking into account the degree of adaptability to various living conditions, including the preservation of working capacity. Many authors (Apanasenko GL., 1985; Vorobyeva E.I., 1986; Shchedrina A.G. 1989) emphasize that “health is the natural state of the body, which is an expression of its perfect self-regulation, harmonious interaction of all organs and systems and dynamic balancing with environment, the process of preservation and development of biological, physiological functions, optimal work capacity and social activity of a person with the maximum duration of his active life. "

In a multivolume guide to pathological physiology, Sirotkina N.N., 1966, I.R.Petrov and V.B. Lemus write that the presence of the following three qualities is mandatory for a healthy body: 1) adequate human interaction with the environment, constant balancing of the body and the environment, that is, the body's ability to easily adapt, i.e. adapt to the conditions of their existence.

2) maintaining a high working capacity, meaning the fulfillment of professional duty at one's workplace; 3) preservation of the integrity of the organism, which implies the absence of serious physical defects, injuries in a person, which would limit his labor activity, would violate the adaptive capabilities of the organism.